Questions answered

Where is the rummage sale?

The location of the rummage sale is in the Columbia Room of St. John’s primary school.  St. John’s primary school is located at 307 N Walnut Ave, Marshfield, WI 54449  The best door to enter is on the south west corner of the building.  There are three doors side by side, with a sign reading “Pre-K” above them.  Inside these doors is a wheelchair ramp as well.

Is this handicap accessible?

There is a wheelchair ramp available directly inside the triple doors mentioned above.

Are restrooms available?

Yes, there are restrooms available just outside the Columbia Room.

Will there be any pre-sales?

No, there will be no sales before 8am on June 17th.

What forms of payment will you take?

We will take cash, debit cards, and credit cards, including chip cards and contactless payments.

Will you take returns or exchanges?

All sales are final, there are no returns or exchanges.

How does a Fill-A-Bag sale work?

There will be standard size paper grocery bags available for shoppers.  Most of the items at the sale will not have have price tags.  Any of these items can be put into your paper bag.  Your paper bag can be filled to the level of the top of the bag (but not sticking out the top of the bag), and each bag will cost you $10.

Which items are not part of the Fill-A-Bag sale?

Any item that does not completely fit in a paper bag is excluded from the Fill-A-Bag sale, and all priced items are also excluded.  The priced items will be in a separate area or grouped to reduce confusion.  Any priced item must be purchased separately.

What if I only want a few items?

If you are purchasing items that do not have prices, but only fill your bag partially, it is still $10 for a partially fillled bag.  If you want you could bring a friend and buy a bag together.  Priced items can be bought individually.

Can I bring my own bag?

You can bring your own bag to shop, but during the checkout process fill-a-bag items must be packed inside the standard paper grocery bags for consistent pricing for all shoppers.  If you want you could shop with your own bag, then load the items into the paper bags before checking out.

Where does the money raised go?

Young people in middle and high school who are going on faith-based trips such as Adventure Camp and the High School Age Steubenville Youth Conference.  You can find out more here.

How can I donate items? What types of things can I donate?

Please donate standard size paper grocery bags.  Also item donations are greatly appreciated and can be given to me, David Alcott starting on June 12th from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday.  My office is near the Columbia room, and you can contact me at 715-384-3252 ext 6 to be let in the building.  You can donate most items that St. Vincent de Paul of Marshfield accepts.  Items left over from the rummage sale will be donated to St. Vincent de Paul.  Please do not donate large or heavy items, or any items on this list. If you have questions on donations please contact me at 715-384-3252 ext 6

We do not accept the following donations:

·        Strollers/Baby gates/Baby swing

–        Undergarments of any kind, unless sealed in a new package

·        Cribs/Bassinets/Pack and play

·        Car seats/Booster seats/Highchairs

·        Sofa Sleepers/Reclining Sofas /Loveseats

·        Hospital Beds & Mattresses/Electric beds

·        Waterbed frames & Mattresses

·        mattresses or box springs

·        Exercise equipment/ Barbells

·        Pool & Ping Pong tables

·        Building Materials/ Fixtures/Ceiling lights & ceiling fans

·        Large Appliances and Microwaves

·        Large Metal or Wooden Desks

·        Pianos & Organs

·        Carpet of any kind

·        Large Entertainment Centers

·        Encyclopedias

·        Life Preservers

·        Swimming Pools/ Pool Ladders

·        Tires

·        Non-Functioning Bikes

·        Televisions

·        Computer monitors – will accept flat screen

·        Computers/copy machines/printers/fax machines

·        Heaters/ Air Conditioners

·        Dehumidifiers/Humidifiers

·        Opened cans of Paint/Hazardous materials

·        Chemicals of any kind

·        Lawn mowers/ tillers/ any gas-powered equipment