Anointing ~ Sacrament of the Sick (also known as Extreme Unction or Last Rites)

“By the sacred anointing of the sick and the prayer of the priests the whole Church commends those who are ill to the suffering and glorified Lord, that he may raise them up and save them. And indeed she exhorts them to contribute to the good of the People of God by freely uniting themselves to the Passion and death of Christ.” Excerpt from the Catholic Catechism

At St. John’s, the Sacrament of The Sick is celebrated in two ways, at a parish-wide anointing service and individually, on an as-needed basis. The Anointing Service is generally held in late July. Information is disseminated through the parish bulletin and transportation is provided if needed. If you or a loved one is in need of the sacrament, please call the parish office at 715-384-3252.

Following this biblical understanding, the Catechism of the Catholic Church notes that: The Anointing of the Sick “is not a sacrament for those only who are at the point of death. Hence, as soon as anyone of the faithful begins to be in danger of death from sickness or old age, the fitting time for him to receive this sacrament has certainly already arrived.”